Specific Gravity Scale Hydrometer

Categories: SKU: AL.351M095ASSG

ASTM Specific Gravity Scale Hydrometer. 

Used to measure to the density of a liquid relative to the density of water, providing valuable insights into the concentration of dissolved solids or the alcohol content in solutions such as beer or wine. It aids in various applications, including brewing, winemaking, and chemical analysis, ensuring accurate measurements for quality control and process optimization.

  • Range: 0.950~1.000 g/ml
  • Length (mm): 270
  • 1/pk


  • Brewing: Monitor the fermentation process and ensure the desired alcohol content in beers and spirits.
  • Winemaking: Measure the sugar content of grape must and monitor the progress of fermentation.
  • Automotive: Determine the specific gravity of battery electrolytes for proper maintenance of vehicle batteries.
  • Scientific Research: Conduct experiments and analyse the density of various liquids with precision and accuracy.


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