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Rapid Slit Seal

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RAPID Slit Seal

Self closing for less evaporation 100sheets/pk

  • Self-closing plate seal
  • Shortcut for dispending and sampling process because of no need of reopening
  • Prevention of contamination
  • Prevention of solvent volatilization due to triple layer structure
  • Applicable for conventional dispenser and autosampler

Have you ever

  • Had to repeat sample preparation because of solvent evaporation after injections?
  • Suffered from instrument down time due to adhesive build up on injection needles?
  • Considered a cost effective replacement for expencive silicon mats?

The Slit Seal is a resistant, instant self-closing 96-well plate seal.
The adhesive-free, pre-cut slits made of silicone and PET allows easy insertion and withdrawal of pipette tips and sampling needles without dragging. The Slit Seal’s main purpose is to prevent solvent evaporation and cross-contamination. Some suggested applications are Automation, SPE, HPLC, LC/MS, and ADME.


  • Automation
  • SPE
  • HPLC and LC/MS
  • ADME
  • Organic Synthesis
  • For researchers who have concerns about solvent volatilization when using autosampler


  • Size: 80 mm × 122mm (96-well format)
  • Material: PET, Silicone
  • Functional temperature range: -80°C to +37°C


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