Benchtop Meter. pH/MV/Temp

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pH / MV / Temperature Bench-Top Meter

Pack includes pH electrode, temperature probe, buffer 4 and 7, AC/DC adaptor, electrode holder, USB software and connection cable


  1. Microprocessor based designed, and rugged housing with splash-proof keyboard.
  2. The large backlight LCD displays pH or ORP or Conductivity or DO and Temperature simultaneously.
  3. Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC), Manual Salinity(MSC) and Altitude(MAC) Compensation.
  4. Memory function stores and recalls up to 150 points. MAX/MIN and data Lock. Degree °C/°F are switchable.
  5. Combine special platform and electrode holder for measuring convenient.
  6. The TDS value is determined by multiplying a conductivity reading by a known ratio in the range of 0.50 to 1.00.
  7. Output data for capturing on PC directly via USB.


  pH ORP Temp
Range -2.00~16.00 pH -1999 ~ -200 mV
-199.9 ~ 499.9mV
500 ~ 2000mV
0~ 110°C
Accuracy ±0.01 + 1 digit ±0.2+ 1 digit ±0.2+ 1 digit
Resolution 0.01 pH 0.1/1 mV 0.1°C
Compensation ATC: 0~100°C    
Power 9V DC (AC Adaptor)
Dimensions 103 x 145 x 32 mm without electrode holder
Weight 700g (meter only)

Accessories for Complete Kit:

pH glass electrode
Temp. Probe
Standard Solution
Electrode Holder
Software and USB cable
DC/AC adaptor
Instruction Manual
Gift Box
Testing Parameters

mV, PH, Temp

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