Cryogenic Aprons

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T-CRYO LIGHT is a completely waterproof apron (waterproof) to protect the front part of the body in operations that involve the use of liquid nitrogen (or other cryogenic gases).
Made with specially designed composite materials for this application. Tested, with success, by contact with liquid nitrogen (-195.82 ° C) for one minute and the next test of flexibility (ANCCP method).


The apron is made of a special composite coated and coupled multilayered fabric, completely waterproof to liquids. Adaptable to each individual through laces with clip buckles at the neck than the waistband, Available in various lengths.


Suitable for all work in the presence of liquid nitrogen to prevent burns in the event of leakage of the liquid gas, especially in transfer operations:

  • Biology
  • Biobanks
  • Food industry
  • Molecular cuisine
  • Gelateria
  • Chemical industry
  • Scientific research
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Medical Technologies
  • Computing
Small 90x70cm (LxW)
Medium 110x70cm (LxW)
Large 120x70cm (LxW)



Small, Medium, Large

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