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Bastion Progenics Triple Wall Bracket. Accrylic

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Progenics Cuff-First TRIPLE Wall Bracket, 1ea

370mm W x 95mm H x 140mm L

ONLY $17.00 if purchased with Progenics Gloves.

This wall-mounted plastic dispenser supports the Progenics Cuff-First glove boxes so that each glove can be pulled hygienically from the base. The Progenics Cuff-First dispensing system has proven to reduce wastage and improve overall hygiene. 

Controlled studies have demonstrated that traditional examination glove boxes, and the gloves removed from them, are often contaminated with a number of infectious germs, especially due to the repeated contact by different users. As only one glove is dispensed at a time, wastage of gloves and costs is reduced considerably. Studies in Norway and the USA have shown a reduction in glove consumption of between 20% and 40% when dispensed using a cuff-first dispensing system.

The elimination of glove box contact by a large number of users, greatly improves general hygiene. Studies in Norway have shown a 73% reduction in bacteria colonies forming on cuff-first dispenser systems compared to normal table-top box dispensers.

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