SKU: 3220-325

50ml Centrifuge Tube. ViewPoint. IntegraPack Sterile

Categories: SKU: 3220-325


Labcon ViewPoint™ tubes transition from clear to blue when exposed to cold temperatures. This multi-step and reversible thermochromic transition offers real-time temperature signaling to indicate temperature fluctuations.

ViewPoint™ tubes are clear and transparent. At 4°C ViewPoint™ tubes transition to light blue and become slightly opaque. Then at 0° C, ViewPoint™ tubes reach their full progressive transition to dark blue, are completely opaque, and provide protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light.

Labcon ViewPoint™ centrifuge tubes include their exclusive integral molded-in sealing ring for unsurpassed sealing capability.

Spins to 12.5K RCF


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