2.0ml BIOSTOR Cryovials Sterile

Categories: SKU: BS20NA-PS

2ml Cryovial NATURAL Cap Sterile, Freestanding, BioStorâ„¢

  • Temperature Range +121°C to 196°C
  • Taller caps are easier to handle, minimizing risk of contamiating vial. Cap colour natural.
  • Flexible ethylene/polypropylene o-ring is highly resistant to chemicals.
  • External ribs on cap facilitate opening and closing of cap even when wet.
  • Unique two-turn threaded closure design ensures cap will uniformly compress o-ring against beveled seat eliminating distortion and maintaining seal integrity.
  • Moulded-in volume lines and etched writing surfaces on tubes and caps will not crack off or dissolve when exposed to cryogenic temperatures or solvents.
  • Circular 3.0mm syringe prot in centre of cap is easily pierced for radiosotope labelling and fraction collection.
  • Beveled seat presses o-ring into cap ensuring a perfect seal.
  • External threads on vial minimize risk of sample contamination.
  • Deep inner skirt on cap is reinforced for added strength to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from +121oC to -195oC (LN2 Vapor phase).
  • Reinforced support collar and thick wall tube allows centrifugation to 27,000xg.
  • Ribs engage serrated holes in Biostor Racks for one-handed opening and closing of caps.  Both conical and free standing BioStor vials are  compatible with other racks and storage systems.




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