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1000ul Pipette tip. Black. compatible with Hamilton systems, Sterile

Categories: SKU: 1R-BL1000-06
  • Pipette Tips 1000uL Sterile Compatible For Hamilton
  • Disposable robotic Pipette Tips in a wide range of sizes, these thoughtfully engineered and well-manufactured conductive pipette tips have been proven to ensure reliable liquid handling performance.
  • All hamilton pipette tips are automatically produced in the clean workshop using advanced production technology and comprehensive quality control procedures, and each auto pipette tip is passed through online optics.
  • Available in a variety of automatic pipette tips volumes, with or without filter cartridges, made of conductive polypropylene for liquid level detection.
  • Free of DNA, RNA, proteases and pyrogens.
  • Sterile grades are the highest cleanliness single-use pipette tips available for cell-based assays, high-content screening, and microbiology-related applications.
  • use:
  • It can be used in genomics, proteomics, cytoomics, immunoassays, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical R&D, and other commonly used high-throughput pipetting needs.

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Pipette Compatibility

Hamilton Robot

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