Discovery Pro

Discovery Pro Pipette Series

Creating new products HTL always focuses on ergonomicsaccuracy and precision. The single channel DISCOVERY PRO pipette series is uniquely dedicated to the three key features. The contoured shape of the handle and finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue. The tip ejection force is reduced by more than 30% thanks to the unique push button-lever system. In addition to the outstanding comfort, the DISCOVERY PRO pipette offers quick and easy volume setting even when used with gloves [video]. DISCOVERY PRO pipette can be used in microbiological, chemical, analytical and research laboratories.

  • Ultra-light weight and ergonomic handle design
  • Fast volume setting and volume locking system conveniently located in push-button
  • Large 4-digit counter remains visible during work
  • Innovative construction guarantee thermal insulation of internal parts preventing them from overheating
  • Long stroke of the ejector provides an effective rejecting the tip
  • Easy “in-lab” calibration
  • Fully autoclavable


Discovery Pro Pipette Starter Pack, DP7903

Product Code: DP7903