Forced Convection Ovens

Heats up to 200°C

Product Code: DSO-1500DF

20L Oven Forced Convection

Product Code: DSO-200DF

Heats up to 200°C

Product Code: DSO-300DF

Heats up to 200°C

Product Code: DSO-500DF

3-Side Heating Zone, 50·105·155·305 Lit, up to 250℃, ±0.3℃ With Wire Shelves, Digital PID Control, Jog-Dial & Push Button, Digital LCD, with Back-light, Pre-Heating Zone, Certi. & Traceability

Product Code: DAIHAN-ThermoStable OF

3-Side Heating Zone, 50·105·155·305 Lit With Smart-LabTM Controller, 4″Full Touch Screen TFT LCD, Fuzzy-PID Control, WiReTM Service, Certi. & Traceability, up to 250℃, ±0.3℃

Product Code: DAIHAN-ThermoStable SOF

Drying Ovens are designed to provide high temperatures upto 300°C

Product Code: POL-EKO-SLW