Accessories - Mixers, Rockers & Shakers

<Ø99mm Platform Pad MX-S, for tubes and vessels

Product Code: VT1.3.6

Tube Holder for MX-S, 48 Holes Ø6mm

Product Code: VT1.3.1

Tube adapter for MX-S, 15 Holes Ø10mm

Product Code: VT1.3.2

DAIHAN 1.5ml, Disk, WRT00120, conical tube-centrifuge

Product Code: WRT00120

DAIHAN 1.5ml, Disk, WRT00130, conical tube-centrifuge

Product Code: WRT00130

Benchmark Shaker Accessory - 12 x 125ml Flasks Dedicated Platform, H1000-P-125

Product Code: H1000-P-125

Benchmark 12x12'' Dimpled Mat, BR1000- DIMPLED

Product Code: BR1000- DIMPLED

Benchmark for Gyratory Rockers - 12x12'' Stacking Platform with Dimpled Mat, BR1000-STACK-D

Product Code: BR1000-STACK-D

Benchmark, 12x12'' Stacking Platform with Flat Mat, BR1000-STACK

Product Code: BR1000-STACK

DAIHAN 15ml, Disk, WRT00110, conical tube-capacity

Product Code: WRT00110

Tube Holder for MX-S, 8 Holes Ø20mm

Product Code: VT1.3.5

DAIHAN 250ml, Disk, WRT00140, Flask-capacity

Product Code: WRT00140

Tube Holder for MX-S, 15 Holes Ø16mm

Product Code: VT1.3.4

Benchmark 5 x 500ml Flasks Dedicated Platform, H1000-P-500

Product Code: H1000-P-500

DAIHAN 50ml, Disk, WRT00100, conical tube-capacity

Product Code: WRT00100


Product Code: WVM00110

Benchmark Shaker Accessory - 8 x 250ml Flasks Dedicated Platform, H1000-P-250

Product Code: H1000-P-250

Benchmark Orbital Shaker - Adjustable Spring Bar Platform for Unique Vessel Types, BT300-RB

Product Code: BT300-RB

Benchmark MultiTherm Heating/Cooling Vortex Accessory - Optional head for 12 x 1.5/2.0ml BV1000-H15

Product Code: BV1000-H15

Benchmark MultiTherm Heating/Cooling Vortex Accessory - Optional head for 4 x 15ml tubes BV1000-H150

Product Code: BV1000-H150

Benchmark MultiTherm Heating/Cooling Vortex Block, 1 x Microplate (Ambient -10 to 60

Product Code: H5000-MP

Benchmark MultiTherm Heating/Cooling Vortexer Accessory - Optional 3' Flat Head attachment BV1000-FLAT

Product Code: BV1000-FLAT

Benchmark, Bungee cord, used for Securing Vessels BO718, 4 pack

Product Code: BO718