Electrodes, Probes & Accessories

CO2, 25L per minute

Product Code: FR-IS-P

The Milwaukee MA841 Dissolved Oxygen Membranes are compatible with the MA840 Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Probe used on the MW600 Dissolved Oxygen Meter.

Product Code: MA841

The Milwaukee MA906BR/1 Amplified pH/ORP/Temp replacement probe for Milwaukee MW105 pH/Temp and MW106 pH/ORP/temp meters.

Product Code: MA906BR/1

The MA917B/1 is a lab grade refillable glass electrode designed for fast response and an extended life.

Product Code: MA917B/1

The open junction design reduces clogging from suspended solids and proteins found in food and dairy products for a more stable pH measurement and reduced maintenance

Product Code: MA920B/1

The Milwaukee MI56P is the replacement pH/temperature probe for the pH55 and pH56 PRO Testers

Product Code: MI56P

The SE220 probe is designed for use with the Milwaukee MW101 and MW102 PRO pH Meters.

Product Code: SE220

Range: +/- 1500mV, Temperature Range: 5-90oC

Product Code: ID 4511

Glass Body with Ceramic Junction, 0-90

Product Code: GL42

Suitable for pH Meters: 7011 and 7200

Product Code: 7000EP4

Range: pH 0-14, Temperature Range: 0-80oC

Product Code: PY41