Forced Convection Incubators

Heats up to 70 deg Celsius

Product Code: DSI-1500DF

Temperature range Ambient + 5 - 70°C

Product Code: DSI-300DF

Temperature range Ambient + 5 - 70°C, Ea

Product Code: DSI-500DF

Controlled Temperature upto 60°C, Ea

Product Code: DSI-060D

432L and 864L Capacity Options

Product Code: GC-450

Class- Ⅰ Medical Device(NIDS), 50·105·155 LitWith 2 Wire Shelf, Digital PID Control, Jog-Dial & Push Button, Digital LCD with Backlight, Certi. & Traceability , up to 70℃, ±0.2℃

Product Code: DAIHAN-ThermoStable IF

3-Side Heating ZoneWith Smart-Lab TM Controller, 4″Full Touch Screen TFT LCD Display, Fuzzy-PID Control, 2 Wire Shelf, Certi. & Traceability, up to 70℃, ±0.2℃

Product Code: DAIHAN-ThermoStable SIF

Pol-Eko Incubators provide a maximum temperature of up to 100°C

Product Code: POL-EKO-CLW