DAIHAN Digital Precise Hotplate:<br/>WHP03020 HP-20D-Unit 180

Product Code: HP-20D/HP-30D

DAIHAN Digital Hotplate Package with External Temperature Sensor, Support Rod & Clamp.<br/>WHP03021 HP-20D-Set 180x180mm<br/>WHP03023 HP-30D-Set 260x260mm

Product Code: HP-20D-Set/HP-30D-Set

Set comes with stand and Temperature Probe

Product Code: MaXtir-500HP-Set

Benchmark, Hotplates, Stirrers & Hotplate Stirrers H4000

Product Code: H4000

DAIHAN Large Digital Hotplate Built-in Digital PID Controller:<br/>WHP03024 HPLP-C-P Ceramic-Coated Plate <br/>WHP03027 HP-LP2 Anodized

Product Code: HPLP-C-P

DAIHAN Large Digital Hotplate with Remote Controller:<br/>WHP03025 HP-LP-C-Set Ceramic-Coated Plate <br/>WHP03028 HP-LP-A-Set Anodized

Product Code: HP-LP-A-Set/LP-C-Set

DAIHAN Premium Analogue Hotplate:<br/>WHP03120 HP-20A 180x180mm<br/>WHP03121 HP-30A 260x260mm

Product Code: HP-20A / HP-30A