Micro Centrifuges

Class-ⅠMedical Device(NIDS), Max. 13,500rpm, 12,225×g With MC Nylon Fixed Angle Rotor for 12×0.2-/0.5-/1.5-/2.0ml Tubes, Compact, Quiet, Safety Electronic Lid Lock System

Product Code: CF-10

Upto 24 Capillary Tubes of 75mm, Can also accept 40mm Capillary Tubes

Product Code: iFuge HCT NXT

Speed: 6,000rpm, Capacity: 8x 1.5~2.0ml Microtubes & Strip Rotor

Product Code: iFuge M08

Rotor Capacity: 12 x 1.5ml/2.0ml microtubes, with reduction adapters

Product Code: iFuge M12P

Speed: 5,500rpm, Capacity: 12x 1.5~2.0ml Microtubes and 4x PCR Strips.

Product Code: iFuge M5K Combie

Multi-Rotor for both PCR tubes/strips and 0.5ml-2.0ml Tubes

Product Code: MC7011

Mini Centrifuge with a spin speed of 10,000rpm, 5,000xG

Product Code: Mini-10K

Centrifuge with two-position rotor for PCR plates. Great to quickly spin down droplets before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield!

Product Code: MINI-P25