Protective Clothing

Lightweight Polypropylene fabric for comfort, Soft non-irritating elastic band. 1000pk (1ctn)

Product Code: 700-100

Bastion Clip Hat 53cm/21" - White, 1000/pk (10pks of 100) (1ctn)

Product Code: 700-106

Polycotton, Half Chest 52cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-3

Polycotton, Half Chest 57cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-5

Polycotton, Half Chest 64.5cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-8

Polycotton, Half Chest 69.5cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-10

Polycotton, Half Chest 72cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-11

Polycotton, Half Chest 74.5cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-12

Polycotton, Half Chest 49.5cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-2

Polycotton, Half Chest 54.5cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-4

Polycotton, Half Chest 59.5cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-6

Polycotton, Half Chest 62cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-7

Polycotton, Half Chest 67cm, 1pk

Product Code: JA10-9

Economy Safety Spec, Clear Lens, Anti-fog, Anti-scratch

Product Code: E1000

Specifies requirements for the design, materials, and performance of hearing protectors. Performance is graded to one of five hearing protector classes, Class 5 being the highest acoustic performance

Product Code: E-MAX33-707

Frosters Apron 1200mm Length, Sold Individually

Product Code: APR/CML

Frosters Apron 1000mm Length, Sold Individually

Product Code: APR/CMM

Frosters Apron 900ml Length, Sold Individually

Product Code: APR/CMS

Polypropylene material. Flexible nose wire. Latex and fiberglass free. Breathable soft lining. 50pk

Product Code: G973

AS/NZS 1337.1 medium impact safety spec, clear lens

Product Code: E8001

Designed to fit over prescription glasses, clear lens

Product Code: E3000