Other Racks

100 Place EPS Foam Rack HS4282, 10 Pack

Product Code: HS4282

16 place Centrifuge tube box, 202100, 1/PK for 50ml Tubes

Product Code: 202100

20 Place Test Tube Stand, 202030, Sold Individually

Product Code: 202030

30mm diameter wide holes, 1pk

Product Code: KJ816-1Y

Suitable for 15ml tubes, Fully Autoclavable, Can be Frozen to -80

Product Code: 2715-229

Suitable for 50ml tubes, Fully autoclavable. Can be Frozen to 80°C

Product Code: 2750-229

16mm Holes

Product Code: 202020-B

36 place Centrifuge tube box, 202090, 1/PK for 15ml Tubes

Product Code: 202090

Suitable for 21mm Diameter Tubes, PP Material. 1pk

Product Code: 4050-4109-16

Floats in water, Holds tubes with diameter less than 18mm, Ea

Product Code: KJ812-3

Suitable for Ø28mm tubes, polypropylene, fully autoclaveable ea,

Product Code: 240030

50 well fibreglass reinforced peg rack, HS24311B, 2 Pack

Product Code: HS24311B

Suitable for Ø17mm tubes, polypropylene, fully autoclaveable ea,

Product Code: 240020

96 Well Fiberglass Reinforced Peg Rack, HS24312A

Product Code: HS24312A

25mm Diameter Hole, Sold Individually

Product Code: 202040-B

Autoclavable, 1pk

Product Code: 241051-G

25mm Hole Diameter, 1pk

Product Code: 202040-W