Other Racks

100 Place EPS Foam Rack HS4282, 10 Pack

Product Code: HS4282

16 place Centrifuge tube box, 202100, 1/PK for 50ml Tubes

Product Code: 202100

20 Place Test Tube Stand, 202030, Sold Individually

Product Code: 202030

30mm diameter wide holes, 1pk

Product Code: KJ816-1Y

Suitable for 15ml tubes, Fully Autoclavable, Can be Frozen to -80

Product Code: 2715-229

Suitable for 50ml tubes, Fully autoclavable. Can be Frozen to 80°C

Product Code: 2750-229

16mm Holes

Product Code: 202020-B

36 place Centrifuge tube box, 202090, 1/PK for 15ml Tubes

Product Code: 202090

Suitable for 21mm Diameter Tubes, PP Material. 1pk

Product Code: 4050-4109-16

Floats in water, Holds tubes with diameter less than 18mm, Ea

Product Code: KJ812-3

Suitable for Ø28mm tubes, polypropylene, fully autoclaveable ea,

Product Code: 240030

50 well fibreglass reinforced peg rack, HS24311B, 2 Pack

Product Code: HS24311B

Epoxy-coated steel wire rack is ideal for conical bottom centrifuge bottles that can not stand by themselves. Will accommodate round bottom tubes as well. Bottom rails hold bottles securely upright. Holds bottles up to 250mm (60mm diameter). Autoclavable,

Product Code: HS23224

Suitable for Ø17mm tubes, polypropylene, fully autoclaveable ea,

Product Code: 240020

96 Well Fiberglass Reinforced Peg Rack, HS24311B

Product Code: HS24312B

25mm Diameter Hole, Sold Individually

Product Code: 202040-B

Autoclavable, 1pk

Product Code: 241051-G

25mm Hole Diameter, 1pk

Product Code: 202040-W