Filter Tips -Bulk Bag

Zap™ Slik™ Low Retention tips

ZAP Slik Low Retention Aerosol Filter Pipette tips from Labcon offer you a high value option to protect your pipettors in all liquid handling applications.  These tips include an endotoxin free 10 micron patented porous hydrophobic filter that is proven to block aerosol contamination.  They also use their exclusive formulation of resin that is far more hydrophobic than standard  resins to help ensure you get every last bit of sample from your tips.  Unlike other low retention tips, these are RoHS compliant so you don't have to worry about additives migrating into your sample.

  • Sample can be completely recovered without cutting into tip
  • Prevents pipette contamination from aerosols or fluids
  • Up to 10 times less fluid retention than standard tips.
  • Tips for the pipettes you use
  • Lot certified purity
  • Fully Autoclavable


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LABCON RNase & DNase Free, Low Trace Metals, USFDA Compliant, 1000pk

Product Code: 1057-800

RNase & DNase Free, Low Trace Metals, USFDA Compliant. Fully Autoclavable,1000pk

Product Code: 1051-800

100ul Filter Tip, Graduated, Bulk Bag, 1000/pk

Product Code: 527103


Product Code: 524057

Tarson Tip Compatible

Product Code: 524059

Tarson Tip Compatible

Product Code: 524054