Volumetric Flasks

It is a laboratory glassware that is designed to hold a certain volume at a particular temperature and indicates the nominal volume, tolerance, precision class, relevant manufacturing standard etc.
The Volumetric Flasks are manufactured in a range of sizes that is capable of containing 1 to 5,000 ml of liquid.
It is very important to understand that for analysis that demands high precision, the selection of instruments is very vital. And in cases where precision analysis is expected, only high accuracy instruments give the desired results.
Most sophisticated automatic instruments can deliver high precision results, only if the volumetric ware used to prepare samples is accurate.
Borosil volumetric flasks are designed to give the best combination of thermal shock resistance, physical strength and resistance to chemical attack.
They are made to withstand the demands of the modern laboratory and are particularly suitable for all glass apparatus assemblies.
  • Every Volumetric Flask is calibrated on a fully automatic computer-controlled calibration machine, eliminating the manual error in reading the meniscus, thereby giving more accurate volume
  •  Each Volumetric Flask is individually calibrated, provided with unique Code No. and supplied with individual Certificate
  • All Volumetric Flasks are printed with permanent amber colour
  •  The amber Volumetric Flasks are printed with white ceramic enamel