Slide Storage

Suitable for 25 x 75mm microscope slides 5 pk

Product Code: 0500-8010

Cork lined with a stainless steel lock, sold individually

Product Code: 0500-4100-10

Cork lined with a stainless steel lock, Ea.

Product Code: 0500-4100-16

Perfect for storage or transportation of slides! Cork lined with a clip lid, Ea

Product Code: 0500-3100-16

Holds standard slides, Thumb cut for easy removal. 5pk

Product Code: 0500-8020

Suitable for 25 x 75mm microscope slides. 10 pk

Product Code: 0500-7020

Suits 25.0x75.0mm Slides. Full colour cover 5pack

Product Code: 0500-8020-17

Dimensions (LxWxH): 208x341x9mm

Product Code: HS9914

Suits 25.0x75.0mm Slides.Full colour cover, 5pack

Product Code: 0500-8020-13

Dimensions (LxWxH): 208x341x9mm

Product Code: HS120197

Cork lined, Hinged lid, Clip clasp, Sold individually.

Product Code: KJ807

With Steel Lock, ABS Material, Cork Lined, 1 pk

Product Code: 0500-4100-01

Suits 25.0x75.0mm slides. Full colour cover. 5pk

Product Code: 0500-8020-02

Cork Lined, Hinged lid with metal clasp, sold individually

Product Code: HS15979A