Slide Accessories

Convenient solution for temporary holding and transferring slides.

Product Code: 0500-1001

Suits 25.0x75.0mm Slides. Full colour cover 5pack

Product Code: 0500-8020-17

Suits 25.0x75.0mm Slides.Full colour cover, 5pack

Product Code: 0500-8020-13

Dimensions (LxWxH): 208x341x9mm

Product Code: HS120197

For the safe transportation of slides. 100pk

Product Code: 0500-1005

Suits 25.0x75.0mm slides. Full colour cover. 5pk

Product Code: 0500-8020-02

With Dividers & Lids, 5pk

Product Code: 0500-8020-12

Sharp Tungsten Carbide tip, Permanently mark glass slides test tubes and lab-ware. ea.

Product Code: HS1846