32 place, Mini Cooler -20 degrees. 525060

32 place, Mini Cooler -20 degrees. 525060

Product Code: 525060

Mini Cooler is designed to protect PCR reagents, enzymes and other biological samples by maintaining them at freezer temperature on the bench. Also giving protection from temperature fluctuation, defrost cycles and power failures in the freezer.

Material: PC/Non Toxic Gel

  • An alternative to ice buckets for keeping reagents and enzymes cool.
  • Also Protects critical sample from temperature fluctuation in the freezers.
  • Freeze -20°C mini cooler for 24hrs at -20°C to -25°C before use
  • For 2/1.5ml tubes. Adapters also included for 0.5ml tubes.

On a bench at room temperature, these units remain at 0°C and -20°C respectively for one hour.