Reagents & Antibodies

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What is a reagent:  A reagent is a substance or compound that can facilitate a reaction, and they are used in most widely used tests.  For example they are used in pregnancy tests, blood glucose tests, and most COVID-19 test kits.

GN8K DNA Marker, 2 x 500ul/tube - G3362-01

Product Code: G3362-01

Nucleic Acid Remover 250ml G3020-250ml

Product Code: G3020-250ml

Recombinant Proteinase K(20mg/ml), 2 x 1ml tube - G1234-1ML

Product Code: G1234-1ML

RNA Solid Tissue RNA Stable Preserving Reagent G3019-100ml

Product Code: G3019-100ml

RNA storage solution G3029-10ml 1ml x10 Preserve Temperature: -20┬░for 24 months Delivery Temperature: Room Temperature

Product Code: G3029-10ml

SerRed Nucleic Acid Staining Reagent, 2 x 100ul/tube, G3606-100Ul

Product Code: G3606-100Ul

SweScript All-in-One First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Supermix for qPCR(one-step gDNA remover)/ 50rnxs - G3337-50

Product Code: G3337-50

Universal Blue SYBR Green qPCR Master mix, 2 x 1ml/tube - G3326-01

Product Code: G3326-01