October Feature Product - Optically Clear Polyolefin Sealing Film!
  Film:  Polyolefin, 50.8um, 2.0ml Adhesive:  Silicone 50.8um, 2.0ml Usable Dimensions:   116.2mm x 78.3mm High optical clarity and low auto-fluorescence make this polyolefin film ideal for real-time qPCR and protein crystallography. The pressure-activated, silicone adhesive provides an extremely strong seal to polypropylene plates which minimizes evaporation, and also makes this film an excellent choice for long-term compound storage and HPLC. Chemically resistant to DMSO, acetonitrile and methanol. The pressure-sensitive, non-tacky adhesive simplifies h..
Interlab’s guide to choosing the correct membrane filters for you
To choose the correct membrane filter for your laboratory and application is an important and precise task. You need to be sure that the membrane filter you choose is suited to a few different conditions, which we will discuss in this article. Choosing the correct membrane filters, used in microbiological and air pollution applications, will be explained in this article. To order your Membrane Filters today, take a look at our range of filters here. You can also order via email: or fax: 04 939 6170 or just give us a FREE call 0508 331 331 1. H..
Watch Video on how Low Retention Filter Tips can benefit your Lab
Interlab is a premium supplier of highest quality pipette tips for use in laboratories. The right pipette tip is essential for accurate, precise and reliable results. Our pipette tips speed processing and eliminate cross-contamination while maintaining your sample integrity. They are available in a variety of materials and styles to suit use with a range of major pipette brands.  Interlab stocks a collection of pipettes, either manual or automatic. Thus the pipette tips we stock are suitable for use with a wide range of pipettes. We have a range of Pipettors and Dispensers that inclu..
Labcon: Sustainability through Earth Friendly Laboratory Disposables
​Labcon is the world’s leading manufacturer of Earth Friendly® laboratory disposables. Long before being “green” was popular, Labcon understood the meaning of sustainable solutions. Labcon's goal is to help their customer, community and the planet thrive.   View a Short Video about the steps Labcon have taken toward sustainability                With a sense of obligation, Labcon has chosen to act responsibly and is focused on improvements in four Primary Areas: 1. Product Design ​Innovative Approach to Reduce, R..
6 Reasons why you need to invest in a pH / Multi-Function Meter from Interlab
Interlab knows that a laboratory needs a pH/Multi-function meter. Here are our reasons:   Accurate Reliable Simple to use Saves Time - Multi-Function meters allow multiple measurements on one meter in a short amount of time Reduce Costs - Purchasing one Multi-Function meter for all your testing saves money as you don’t need multiple devices for your testing, calibration is also faster  Portability - Interlabs pocket meters are perfect for field trips, each meter comes in a carrying case for ease of transportation and protects the meter and accessories  ..
PTFE Magnetic Stirrer bars and retrievers
PTFE Magnetic Stirrer bars and retrievers   Interlab Ltd suppliers only the very best and high-quality Magnetic Stir Bars and Retrievers. These are sourced from Cowie Technology who is the world leading manufacturer of PTFE labware they are dedicated solely to PTFE Technology.  Magnetic stirring is a widely used and long-established method for stirring and mixing in liquid media. The process is not only simple and inexpensive, but extremely diverse in the range of application. Examples Include Synthetic procedures, drug delivery, chemical analysis, flow control, emulsific..
HTL Pipettes supplied by Interlab
HTL Pipettes supplied by Interlab With over 35 years of experience designing and producing quality manual dosing systems, HTL (Corning) is a world leader in liquid handling dispensers. These liquid handling dispensers include pipettes, pipette controllers, syringe dispensers and accessories. Interlab Ltd New Zealand stocks a range of HTL pipettes and accessories for your convenience.   For more information or to order your HTL Pipettes, please contact us on or fax: 04 939 6170 or just give us a FREE call 0508 331 331. You can also order online by click..
Autoclaves and Accessories by Interlab Ltd
Interlab Ltd is the leading New Zealand supplier of laboratory equipment and consumables, in particular, our range of autoclaves.                 Interlab’s range of autoclave has safety, monitoring and efficiency at the top of the priority list. With different applications, each autoclave is purpose-specific and built to international standards. Some come preprogrammed to meet specific sterilization needs. Digital displays are standard in most autoclaves and printers are optional. Our autoclaves range is listed below,..
Interlab NZ on Johnson Test Papers
Interlab is known as the leading supplier of laboratory equipment and consumables in New Zealand. It is, therefore, no surprise that we also provide Johnson Test Papers. Johnson Test Papers has been manufacturing easy to use rapid tests since 1938 providing fast and accurate results you can trust. Interlab Supplies their broad range of products, covering everything from simple pH testing, water analysis, production processes and measurements of special food parameters. Test Papers are used in schools, universities, hospitals, laboratories and in other specialist industry sectors throughout New..
Histology equipment from Interlab
When it comes to histology equipment, there are a few very important considerations. Since histology equipment is used to prepare and examine tissues, they need to keep a consistent temperature to protect the integrity of the specimens. Interlab is renowned for the quality of our laboratory equipment, including our histology equipment. The materials used to manufacture our histology equipment is of the highest quality, to strict specifications that adhere to safety standards. Interlab’s superior quality, proven performance and cost-effectiveness is the reason that we dominate the market in New..
Interlab - the best place to get your laboratory consumables
Laboratory Consumables and Glassware available across New Zealand  Interlab is known as the premium supplier of laboratory equipment across New Zealand, but did you know that we also supply laboratory consumables? With our reputation for superior quality, proven performance and   cost-effectiveness, it is no wonder that we are also dominating the market for laboratory consumables.     To order your consumables today, we have a great online ordering system which you can find right here.    You can also order via fax: 04 939 6170 o..
Interlab’s innovative Daihan Oven & Incubator Range

Interlab Ltd brings you the DAIHAN Oven and Incubator Range to expand your laboratory’s capabilities for controlled heating applications. When temperature stability and accuracy are needed, DAIHAN Scientific products provide a range of scientific ovens and incubators that will exceed your expectations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Here’s to the final post from the team at Interlab in 2018!  We would like to thank you all for your custom during 2018 and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It’s been a big year: this year we welcomed Bronwyn to the team, and we have also finalised plans to completely refit our warehouse in the new year, which will improve efficiency in order processing and despatch to our clients, so its onward & upward for Interlab!!   We are closing down on the 21st December, with skeleton staff available throughout the holid..
Interlab Expands its Sealing Film Range with PlateSeal

Interlab Expands its Sealing Film Range with PlateSeal. We are proud to bring PlateSeal products to the New Zealand market. All our products are quality tested to meet our expectations for premium laboratory performance, and the PlateSeal Sealing Films range come highly recommended as a result. Read More.

Labcon Pipette Tips & Filter Tips
When choosing a pipettor brand for your lab operations, consider first what brand of tips you wish to use with them. We all want to invest wisely and you will spend a lot more on tips than on pipettes in the long run, so purchasing tips that give superior performance will mean far better value for money.   In order to choose the correct pipettor system that suits your needs, try a range of tips on the pipettors you are evaluating and carefully compare their fit, ease of ejection, quality, packaging options and overall value.  One of the key unique value features of LabCon SuperSl..
New Product! ProtectR® Tubes

New Product!!!