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Interlab Ltd: NZ Supplier of Laboratory Equipment, Supplies & Consumables.

Interlab, built from the ground up, is a homegrown business right here in New Zealand, local in Wellington. If you want efficient local service for your lab supplies you have come to the right place. Send us an email or give us a call. Browse through our website to see our range which is continually being updated to give you more user-friendly experiences.

At Interlab, we search the globe to bring the best in laboratory supplies & equipment to New Zealand customers. Quality products coupled with personalized customer service are the keys to our ongoing success.

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Call +64 4 972 2330 book a consultation with one of our team of laboratory equipment specialists to discuss your specific laboratory needs.

Greg and Bob Howard will be very glad to call on you and show you our latest products and attend to your needs.

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Interlab Limited has an enthusiastic, hardworking team dedicated to the care and service of your laboratory and our ever-increasing client base. Customer care and service are our core values. As a supplier of quality, innovative and cost-efficient laboratory supplies from world-leading manufacturers, Interlab has an important role in the New Zealand research, health, medical and food industries, for the benefit of all New Zealanders. Top-quality products and efficient service in a timely manner are essential and are key to Interlab's success.

Teamwork is the prime foundation of our success and growth. People working in Interlab are our internal team. At the same time, we view you and your colleagues as our extended team. Only working together on understanding and fulfilling your requirements can we all succeed in research and business creating prosperity for New Zealand.